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DS10A conditions not working

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    DS10A conditions not working

    Hey guys !

    I have multiple DS10A magnetic contact ( x10 ) setup in condition for events.

    Example of condition : If DS10A is ALERT, do not trigger event.

    Some of them work flawlessly with doors, draperies, etc but I have one or two that reports their status fine on the status page but the event wont take the condition in consideras even tough I specifically require it to check if DS10A is alert to trigger.

    This exact event used to work before, it seems to be a HS bug since the status reports fine in the status page, therefore proving the ACRF plugin does it's job along with a W800 receiver.

    I deleted event and re-created it but still not working, looks like status ( alert or normal ) is not seen by HS events but status page is updated ok.

    Any idea ? very strange...

    Example of my event :

    Curtains Open - Living Room (M) 8:00 AM

    Device: 1st floor Curtains Salon mag [*1599*] has been set to Normal for at least 1 Minute

    Run Event: Curtains salon open


      Here's an example of one of my DS10a events (I have it set not to retrigger for 60 seconds):
      Attached Files
      HS4Pro Running on a Raspberry Pi4
      68 Z-Wave Nodes, 175 Events, 359 Devices
      UPB modules via OMNI plugin/panel
      Plugins: Z-Wave, OMNI, HSTouch, weatherXML, EasyTrigger
      HSTouch Clients: 3 Android, 1 Joggler


        This does sound like something is not working.

        Maybe it has something to do with the DS10. You could try replacing it with a new one to see if that changes anything. You could also delete the DS10 device in HS and then recreate it to see if that helps.
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