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Cooper Light Switch for no Load

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    Cooper Light Switch for no Load

    Hi All

    I have two receptacles on a single lighting circuit. I want to have independent control of each one's dim level (using z-wave). Currently using Leviton lamp modules for this and they work great. I want to use a powered (not battery) Cooper switch to turn the lights (power to them) on or off, but still control dimming via the lamp modules. I'm pretty sure I can do this with association. I tried with a cooper dimmer and it didn't work, but fried the switch ('cos of a wiring error) before I had chance to really delve into it. So now I need to buy something new and make sure I get the right product.

    One thing I'm not clear on is association always bi-directional? Assuming I could get it to work with a dimmer, could I use the switches dim level control the lamp modules, but changing a lamp's local dim value not affect the master (and thus the other lamp)

    Anyone got any ideas/suggestions?



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    It is not a cooper device but you might want to look at the VRCZ4-MRZ which is a 4-button zone controller with local control which would give you the ability to control the load and each dimming module