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Vizia 4-Button Controller Issue

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    Vizia 4-Button Controller Issue

    New to Homeseer and z-wave, but besides some learning curves I'm really enjoying setting things up and am already thinking up some future products now that my initial install is about complete.

    One small issue I'm trying to tackle.

    I installed a VRCS4-MRX 4-Button Scene Controller (Leviton Vizia RF+). So far I've associated it with a LFM-20 Fixture Module and a Appliance Module (Wayne Dalton that comes with the HomeSeer kit).

    I'm able to control both successfully, but differently.

    The button associated with the Fixture Module works how I want it to. Touch the button the light toggles on or off.

    However, with the appliance module, when I touch the button I appear to be gaining access to that scene, but the light will not come on until I hit the dinner rocker up. Once it is on I can either hit the button associated with the lamp or the dimmer rocker down.

    I would like this lamp to work the same as the Fixture Module and be able to quickly toggle the light on or off.

    When I was first setting this up, I had associated that button with a lamp module I also got and I'm wondering if it still thinks it's a dimmable module.

    Any ideas?