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Making Configuration Files

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    Making Configuration Files

    I assume there is a simple answer to this question but I am new to HS2 and have not been able to find info and my attempts have not worked.

    I want to create multiple Configuration Files that I will load depending on the season to change thermostat control, etc. My current default Config file is \sample.mdb and the "Change" button does not give me the option to change the name. Tried copying the "sample" config file with a different name but the pulldown button under the Configuration - "Change" button does not recoginze the new file I created (just list sample.mdb, mailboxes.xml and addressebook.xml as options).

    How do I create a new configuration file that HS2 will recognize.

    Thanks for any help.


    You should be able to use File > Save As but why create different config files? You should use events to test the season and change events based on this information. This is a classic use of a virtual device.


      I agree with Rupp. You will probably get tired of managing multiple configuration files, in large part because the changes you make in one file will not be reflected in the others unless you manually alter them.

      HS has the ability to adapt to the seasons - or any other characteristic you choose. I have a device named 'Summer'. It's either On or Off, but you could have a device named 'Season' and assign it a value. Perhaps 1 for Spring, 2 for Summer, 3 for Autumn, 4 for Winter. . . or whatever you want.

      Once that is in place, create events that check the season and adjust other settings accordingly. It may take a bit of fiddling to discover just how HS works with these kinds of variables, but once you have it the way you want it, HS will do all the grunt work for you.
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