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SDM3 Disappeared - Fixed!

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    SDM3 Disappeared - Fixed!


    I lost my SDM file for some reason. I found another copy of the SDM3.exe on a old hard drive, where do I put the file in Homeseer so that it can be read?

    I can not get initialized, what files should I delete so it will re-install itself?

    Would a system restore help/solve the problem?

    This has been running perfectly, now nothing, frustrating.

    Should I do a clean install of Homeseer and start over?

    It sees the plug-in, however, it says "could not connect to the SDM service, check the DSM is properly installed."

    USB 2414U and Running Window 7 Ultimate 64 bit

    Thanks, all.

    I have no idea how to use this method of support.

    SDM3 Fixed

    I called Smarthome and they sent me link to a replacement SDM3 file. Downloaded it and everything is back to normal.

    When installed the file should reside in:
    c:"\Program Files (x86)/Common Files/SmartHome/Device Manager.

    Maybe this will help someone.

    My dilemna was that everything was working perfectly before I did an update and then poof, computer hell. I had not added any new hardware, etc. I did clean up some files so I probably caused the problem myself.