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If It aint Broke Don't fix it.

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    If It aint Broke Don't fix it.

    Hi All.

    I've been away from this forum for a while pursuing other hobbies and all the time my Homeseer install version has been running my house faultlessley for years. However I've decided that I want to upgrade to the latest version. I could say for reliability reasons, or enhanced functionality, but truth be known its just because I've got a bit more time and feel that I need 8-) to upgrade.

    So, does anybody know if can I go from the upto the latest version which seems to be or are there any intermediate steps I need to take ? will the updater work from such an old version to the latest.

    I notice that my Homeseer files are in the c:\program files\Homeseer directory where I think the later versions are installed to c:\program files\homeseer hs2. Also I notice that there is no control panel entry for HS2 to un-install.

    Also I use the ACRF plugin, but I assume this is an old version also.

    Any help / guidance to starting points would be appreciated. Oh, and I've backed up my current configuration.


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    You will have issue going from that version to the latest as the database has changed significantly since then. If you can find the older versions of HS then incremental upgrades are recommended. Also the ACRF plugin will have to be upgraded to the ACRF2 plugin as the plugin author pulled the ACRF plugin from the updater. If it were me I would setup a new server and slowly upgrade.