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Communication Problem with Rain8net

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  • rrepic
    Hey Mack
    You may want to post in the mcssprinklers forum. There is some good info on communications troubleshooting including usb to serial, and wifi to serial networks.

    I also had some communications issues running Windows 7-64bit so I dropped back to 32bit. This helped. I think it had to do with usb and wifi drivers on 64bit Windows. Since you communicate to the rain8net using the config software to read the eprom w/o power to the rain8net, that may be your issue (usb adapter drivers for 64bit Win).


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    started a topic Communication Problem with Rain8net

    Communication Problem with Rain8net

    Computer: Asprire R3700 window 7 64 bits
    rainnet configure v4.8 Software (works ok!!)
    rain8net demo Software (not working!)
    Current version of mcsSprinklerS (not working)
    Keyspan usb serial adapt 4 ports with current window 7 driver (USA49WG) - usa49wgX64p.sys

    In my old computer I used my build in serial com port to communicate with the Rain8net Module using mcsSprinklerS to talk to it. Everthing work great.
    I recently upgraded to a new Asprire R3700 window 7 64 bits pc for Homeseer. The compute did'nt provide a serial com port, so I purchase the keyspan 4 port usb to serial. The Problem I having is that the rain8net demo Software and mcsSprinklerS is not communication with rain8net modulue.

    I install the rainnet configure software (v4.8) and was able to read and load settings to rain8net module. I try using their rain8net demo software to turn on the sprinklers zone, but a error of "Module not responding check com port and connections" came back.
    I also try mcsSprinklerS software but it didn't work.
    I need help resolving this problem if anybody can help Me. Also I have original version of Rain8net Module.

    Thank You