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Lighting expansion setup

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    Lighting expansion setup

    Guys, I am about to expand my lighting/electrical automation in my home and I am thinking my next steps are going to be, in no particular order, my outdoor lights (Motion detection to kick on/off flood lights and a sunset/sunrise trigger on my front porch lights), automating my bathroom lighting (Motion detection and low light ramp up for night time and automatic fan on and off based on motion and amount of time that lights in the bathroom are on) and automating my closet lighting (On with motion off with no motion).

    What else have you guys done with the systems listed above? Just looking for any cool ideas I have missed, because really, where is the value in HA if its not cool?

    I've done just about everything you have listed above. If you're using the X10 motion sensors (or any for that matter), take a look at BLRadar. Well worth the money.
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