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Trane TZEMT400AB32MAA too sensitive / short cycles

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    Originally posted by gschwendtner View Post
    Well I reinstalled the thermostat today and changed my 1st stage on delta cool 2 to as you guys have and will try it out.

    Their explanation for the 1st stage delta off seems backwards. I almost want to put a -1 value in there to achieve to following.

    Set point at 76 degrees, temp will rise to 78 degrees and system will turn on and cool down to 75 degrees and turn off.

    The documentation suggests that if you put a 1 in the delta cool off you get the following.

    Turns on at 78 degrees and turns off at 77 degrees.
    Looking at the instructions I would think to achieve what you are describing you might want to set the Cooling Delta Stage 1 On at 2, and the Cooling Delta Stage 1 Off at 1. That way with the 76 deg set point you will get upto 78 before start and down to 75 before stop.

    At least that is how I am reading it. HTH