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Playing audio in multiple zones

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    Playing audio in multiple zones

    I'll give you a little bit of background as to what I'm trying to accomplish here.

    I currently have J.River Media Center set up with 4 zones, Kitchen, Living Room, Bathroom and All Zones. I can either have individual music playing into each of the zones or play music into the All Zones zone to have the same music played to all zones. I also have HomeSeer which makes announcements all one or all zones.

    I don't have my own vast array of music and would like to use a streaming service to play music, I've looked at spotify which is great has an API but I cannot play multiple streams with it and direct them to specific zones. So then I found out about Performance Store in J.River Media Center which is great and I can stream simultaneous to different zones but I cannot find anyway to remotely control what is being played as there doesn't appear to be any api or remote way of controlling it, ideally what I'd want to do is be able to pass commands such as play artist queen in kitchen or play genre pop in living room, etc from HomeSeer and it just starts playing.

    Alternatively can anyone reccomend any streaming service that allows multiple streams which can be directed to specific speakers/zones?