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Setting up event based on 2 different temperature sensor readings

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    Setting up event based on 2 different temperature sensor readings

    Is there any way in HomeSeer to create an event that is based on the difference in temperature between 2 independent sensors? The event would have the following logic:
    If the garage temperature is at least 85 deg and the outdoor is less than the garage temperature, then turn the garage fan on. Thanks in advance for this help. Elliott

    No way to do it with the inbuilt triggers AFAIK (can't do comparison between devices, unless its supported by some additional plugin) but you can do it with a script.

    I'd set up an event that ran when garage temp less than 85 and gave it the action to run a script, in the script something like

    Sub Main(ByVal Parms As Object)
    Dim DevCode As String = "A5"
    Dim OutdoorTemp As Double = hs.devicevalue("Z1")
    Dim GarageTemp As Double = hs.devicevalue("Z2")
    If OutdoorTemp > GarageTemp then
    If hs.isoff(DevCode) Then
    hs.execX10(DevCode, "On")
    End If
    If hs.ison(DevCode) Then
    hs.execX10(DevCode, "Off")
    End If 
    End If
    End Sub
    I think might do what you are after...


      Thank you very much! I will give this a try. Elliott


        You can do it directly as an event trigger in mcsTemperature plugin. If a script works for you then go for it.


          Simple one liner I put in an event.

          If temperature sensor changes to any value

          Put this in the script section of that event

          &If hs.devicevalue("&13") >= hs.devicevalue("-3") + 18 Then hs.triggerevent "Living Room Too Warm"

          This does if &13 device is 1.8 degrees or higher then -3 device, run event.