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Setting up event based on 2 different temperature sensor readings

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  • twa8000
    Simple one liner I put in an event.

    If temperature sensor changes to any value

    Put this in the script section of that event

    &If hs.devicevalue("&13") >= hs.devicevalue("-3") + 18 Then hs.triggerevent "Living Room Too Warm"

    This does if &13 device is 1.8 degrees or higher then -3 device, run event.


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  • Michael McSharry
    You can do it directly as an event trigger in mcsTemperature plugin. If a script works for you then go for it.

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  • Richel
    Thank you very much! I will give this a try. Elliott

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  • mrhappy
    No way to do it with the inbuilt triggers AFAIK (can't do comparison between devices, unless its supported by some additional plugin) but you can do it with a script.

    I'd set up an event that ran when garage temp less than 85 and gave it the action to run a script, in the script something like

    Sub Main(ByVal Parms As Object)
    Dim DevCode As String = "A5"
    Dim OutdoorTemp As Double = hs.devicevalue("Z1")
    Dim GarageTemp As Double = hs.devicevalue("Z2")
    If OutdoorTemp > GarageTemp then
    If hs.isoff(DevCode) Then
    hs.execX10(DevCode, "On")
    End If
    If hs.ison(DevCode) Then
    hs.execX10(DevCode, "Off")
    End If 
    End If
    End Sub
    I think might do what you are after...

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  • Setting up event based on 2 different temperature sensor readings

    Is there any way in HomeSeer to create an event that is based on the difference in temperature between 2 independent sensors? The event would have the following logic:
    If the garage temperature is at least 85 deg and the outdoor is less than the garage temperature, then turn the garage fan on. Thanks in advance for this help. Elliott