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    media center plugin Question

    Can I ask Homeseer to play a movie by voice command with the media center plugin, example computer play movie Twister?

    Regards Don

    Thinking back to when I used the MCE2005 plugin it was more of a interface that you controlled HS from MCE than controlling MCE from HS if you get what I mean, so no I don't think you can - not sure if it changed with vista/win7 plugin or not.

    There were some scripts on the board that talked to an MCE app (if you searched for socketsendtext.vb or such like) that emulated key presses, I remember having limited success in selecting files based on key presses but it would fall apart should more files be added to the directory as the place of the icon on the page would move.

    But no AFAIK there is no true solution to do what you are after from HS using the plugin...