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    3rd party plugin question

    I doubt that there is a simple answer to this, but figured I would throw it out there anyway and see what I get.

    When HS3 releases I would assume that a lot of the 3rd party plugins will no longer work with it, does anyone know how most of those guys plan to handle upgrades? Are upgrades to existing purchased plugins usually covered or do they usually make you re buy the package?

    Again, the real answer is probably "It depends" (I work in IT so I am very used to using and getting that response ) but I was wonering if any of the more prevalent developers would care to chime in.

    Is there even a timeframe for HS3 yet, or am I thinking WAAAYYYY to far ahead here?

    I've written a plug-ins that is free and have written some for my own personal use. I haven't heard anything yet about re-writing plugins. Hopefully we will know in time to make whatever changes we need.

    How about any paid plug in authors? Do you have upgrade plans and pricing?

    Running HS 3 on Win10 .