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The future of Voice recognition?

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    The future of Voice recognition?


    This is probably a very open ended question, but I was wondering if you expect that VR will eventually (in the near future) get to a stage where it no longer requires training. I was pondering as I was sitting in front of my computer, reading aloud various stories to train it, that this may be one of the biggest hurdles in getting people to really use VR (as well as accuracy issues).

    As devices get better, and more powerful, I would expect the various microphones to get cheaper, and have greater audio quality, however if someone has to read to the computer, for the computer to understand it, then the value of the system diminishes.

    I know Homeseer may not be used on this scale, but they way I see system implementation, is that the hotel example is perfect, Homeseer should really scale to be able to be used in a reasonable sized hotel. So that reception for example may control each room through scripts, linked into the booking system and when someone books in, the room is essentially activated, which lets the lights, motion sensors, heating etc activate, however if no one is registered against that room, then to conserve power the lights, heating, TV and so forth is deactivated, or at least motion sensors and automatic events no longer work.

    Applying the same logic, then when ANY visitor comes into the room, the VR system fires up, and just understands and works. In my house, although we don't have that many visitors, when my Wife's family come down to visit (who live in another state). It would be great to have them just be able to ask what the time is, or what is the weather for today, or what is on TV tonight, or What is happening around the suburb (what events etc are on that they could go and see), however if there is a training stage required, it just does not really seem like it would be worth the effort (then enters touchscreens etc). However if someone could use NATURAL speech, then it would be much easier than navigating touchscreens etc.

    Another cool feature (at least in hotels) would be to remember our favorite TV shows, temperature settings, what times we need to get up (integrate with phone alarms etc) and go from there.

    Sorry for the long winded response, but I am most interested in people's thoughts on the Future of VR.
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    The future is here:

    Nuance Releases New Dragon Version and New Dragon Remote Mic App

    HS uses a different speech engine but the technology is here and it would be cool to issue voice commands from HS Touch


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      I tried to get whole house VR going. I saw a HGTV special once where they have VR. And it worked perfectly. Reality is the house will hear something on TV or during a conversation and then you have to tell it not to execute the command.

      People have to realize the current hardware limitations. VR does not work currently like it does on the Enterprise. However someday I will install wall mounted voice consoles for VR things but that's in my final home.

      People will also have to get used to using VR. A lot of times it is easier to hit a button or a touchscreen rather than saying a command. I think once VR gets going there may be a usage stall after people get over the novelty of it but before they really integrate it in their lives. If you don't want to wake the spouse by you want to turn off a light a button will always be better. Especially if you are using The Clapper.



        In my beginning years of HS, I tried VR as one of my first projects (and it's still in use in my other home). I installed 2 mics with a AP800, the sistem does work 80% of the times, the problem is the back ground noise, like blender in kitchen, fans, radio, TV, then there the case where your visitors are speaking while you issue commands. I believe that the secrets lies in the hardware that is used to pick up the sounds and to distinguish what's noise against a voice command. The people at clearone has this technology nailed, if they can only apply this tec. to a HA inviorment VR can reach in my opinion to a 90 or 95% reality.

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