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Reboot/Blue screen! - Fixed!

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    Reboot/Blue screen! - Fixed!

    Win 7 Home - AMD64 Family 16 Model 6 Stepping 3 at 2.61 GHz
    HS Professional Edition

    (going to try and tirn off power management of USB ports tomorrow)

    Can the PC be rebooted from HS PRO?

    Got blue screen twice in 3 days (going to look at com port conflicts)

    Thinking of plugging in a timer into the UPS and turning off PC once in the middle of the night and letting it start up on it's own, just in case (this is a remote PC and could be left for months). Is this a bad idea?

    another question how do i get access to the speaker client remotely can't seem to port forward (

    Finally can I to just log into the pc itself?


    There is a script command to restart the PC (hs.restartsystem) from HS however i'd probably like to know why its blue screening first - the only time i've had a PC blue screen as of late is bad memory allocation or .net conflicts.

    Running a timer to restart the PC perhaps as a last resort - might work depending on the BIOS as some have auto power on, if not it probably won't work

    Speaker client by default runs on port 8742, so forward that port from an external port to the ip of the HS server and the port of the speaker client. Then in the speaker client give the external ip address - this is all in theory, i've never tried it myself...

    No idea about myhomeseer but I thought it was just a Dynamic DNS updater for HomeSeer, so probably not


      Just in case anyone has same problem. blue screen was the SIIG usb to serial driver. all indication to automaticly find new/updated driver returned message "you currently have the best driver for this device. After reading dumps and doing some research new drivers can be found at the SIIG site. the drivers that come with SIIG box are the older drivers 3.2.??? look for 3.3.???. so far stop the blue screen.

      Anyone know if i use the dyns service to get to my PC remotly will interfere with the myhomeseer dns service?