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XTB-232 (replacement for the CM11a)

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    Hi - I'm looking at a powerline interface. Browsing your page I see it can be shipped without a power cord. What plug goes into the unit?

    Typically what would be the cost of shipping to the UK?



      Might be easier to ask Jeff directly via an email.

      XTB-232 RS232 X10 Powerline Interface:

      The XTB-232 is a serial X10 powerline interface for PC-based automation systems. This plug-in unit emulates the CM11A "real-time" protocol, and can be directly used as a CM11A substitute for PC-based automation systems such as HomeSeer, Home Control Assistant, or XTension (Mac). The XTB-232 is also available in a custom-assembled black desktop case similar to the plug-in unit, but with a 5-foot power cord. Please contact us first if you want the desktop version.

      Note: The XTB-232 uses your CM11A cable. A custom cable and adapter is available separately for $10 more (including postage).
      - Pete

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        Thanks - done :-)