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    XM Tuner

    Has anyone integrated this into their Homeseer enviroment?

    I haven't been able to use Sirius/XM for some time in the house; but this looks promising. I'd like to be able to have HS events open and close the program and switch stations.


    XM Tuner

    XMTuner allows you to access the Sirius|XM Satelite Radio streams (both XM Radio Online and Sirius Internet Radio) on your UPnP media player. XMTuner serves as a proxy or interpreter between the SiriusXM web radio pages and your device or media server, making the streams much more accessible. XMTuner supports a variety of devices, such as the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii consoles, the D-Link DSM-320 and similar set-top players, several internet radio capable receivers and televisions, as well as a variety of smartphones such as the Blackberry, Palm, Android, and iPhone.

    In addition, XMTuner features its own built-in player, so you can play your favorite channels right from your desktop, with no bulky browser needed.


    XM and Sirius Radio Support
    Integrated Media Player - not just for set-tops and mobiles, but your desktop too.
    Customizable Recently Played History, Integrated SiriusXM Program Guide
    Now Playing website
    Works with a variety of devices and UPnP servers
    Runs either a desktop application or in the background as a windows service.
    Server can generate RSS Feeds as well as Playlists (PLS, ASX and M3U) for wide device and server compatibility
    Supports transcoding streams to other formats using TVersity for devices that don't work with windows media.
    Built-in Updater keeps you current.
    and much more!

    Blade has done something with Sirius:


      Doesn't look like Blades plugin will work with the web streaming feeds... (I wish it would because Blade's plugins are awesome)

      That being said. I need some help in making XM radio easy for the family to use. I seems like one way to do it would be to create a series of events.

      I Know I can create an event to run the xmtuner program ("C:\Program Files\XM Tuner\XMTuner.exe"). Once that program is running in the background I can then create separate events using media player to stream the content to change the channels ( outside the xmtuner program.

      This is probably an awkward way to do this as the tuner program itself allows you to access different stations from within and will display the "now playing" data. I'd like to be able to send that data to the Ledam sign, but don't know how to do it.

      Also, how do I create an event that shuts down the "xmtuner.exe"?

      Any help is greatly appreciated.