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IP Cam (Foscam Indoor)

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    IP Cam (Foscam Indoor)

    What software do I need to interact with HS2Pro?
    Wondering way I want to interact with HS with cams?
    I see Vitamin D and Blue Eris any opinions for me?
    And why doesn't

    Not sure anyone was going to answer but just in case someelse has this problem. While trying free version on Vitamin D I was able to connect to remote IP Cam with not thought I had tried that with foscam camera but I went in and tried that format and it worked with the Foscam camera also. To bad Vitamin D goes from 2 cameras for $49.95 to unlimited for $199.95!! with nothing in between. Wasn't overly impressed with it but it was only a cursory look.


      Both the Indoor and Outdoor Foscam Cameras work fine in HSTouch. Take a look at this:


        You may have difficulty with most routers forwarding to the right ip cam and to HS without a little port number changing from outside your home LAN.

        For example, HS could be on port 8080, ip cam 1 on 8081, ip cam 2 on 8082.

        In your router, you forward 8081 to the right LAN ip for your ip cam 1. Be sure and set it for static addressing. Ditto for HS and for ip cam 2.

        Using a dynamic DNS device helps find your home router's ip address, but it is not straight forward to forward ports, though there are thousands of web pages and blogs describing the procedure.

        To answer your first questions, I use HS Netcam plug-in. I run an event periodically to capture an image from the camera. I run another event hourly to email the latest captured image.

        Some people have events that capture an image based on motion detectors, etc. and push it to whatever they tell HS works best at that time, like to a HSTouch client or remote computer.

        Maybe some of this is helpful.

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