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trying to adjust sprinkler time using "get weather"

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    trying to adjust sprinkler time using "get weather"

    Hi All,

    I am very new to Homeseer. One of the scripts that came with the thing is called "get weather". This thing reads out the current weather conditios based on your zip code. Noww my question is, how would I use the actual info (say max temp of the day and the min temp of the day, or amount of rain) to set my sprinkler time.

    I apologize if this question has been asked before. Any and all help would be apprecaited!

    I hate seeing thread left untouched, like you've been ignored. I don't have a solid solution, but possibly another avenue for you to peer down.

    I can think of 3 ideas:
    Add to the script to set variables that your sprinkler routine may use to determine if it should turn on, or not.

    There is another script out there called 'weatherman' - written by Hunter that has a bunch more weather data that is actually collected. You could then use some of that info to assist in your sprinkler routine.

    And lastly, there is the MCStemperture plugin that is releasing such controls - I don't know the exact specs, but Michael's work is very good.

    To date, I currently do not know of any sprinkler routine that is based upon weather, I have been looking for something as simple as, "if it is raining, disable sprinkler routine for the day". Some folks have conquered this with hardware, rain guages.
    I also have to say that, I'm too lazy to really worry about it too much, ya know - it never rains here in southern california.

    Brent Kacian
    Homeseer - Ocelot
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      mcsControlSystems is in beta now and contains a sprinker controller with 5 modes of operation and several watering considerations. One of the considerations is the forecasted rain which is calcualted based upon the forecast and the history of the last 30 days that shows how much rain actually occurs when it is forecasted.

      The plugin provides the standard time-based scheduling, but the real focus is on watering based upon soil moisture content. This content is either measured or calculated based upon evaporation calculations and rain. It is organized with a measurement or calculation made for an area and each zone within an area has factors to account for shading and soil moisture retention. This means that each zone is independently watered based upon its need rather than being slaved in a cycle where all zones are watered when any is watered.

      It is in beta now and I'm evaluating the calcualted moisture content calculations. While forecast logic is implemented I have not done very much yet to validate it.

      Note the mcsControlSystems is a companion to mcsTemperature. mcsTemperature is required to run mcsControlSystems and it does the data collection, storage, and analysis while mcsControlSystems applies the measurements.


        Thanks guys for your suggestions. I will check them out.