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    SwitchLinc Scene Control

    I'm new to HS moving from HCA to HS due to Z-Wave. I have 50+ SwitchLincs and Keypadlinc controllers.
    Dumb Question!
    Is there anyway within HS to store what scenes you think you may have programmed into each SwitchLinc? With each switch capable of 64 addressable scenes I have programed a large number of single x10 commands to setup the entire room or house. I currently use Home Control Assistant (HCA)which tracks what scenes where at one time programmed into each switch. It cannot read the scene from the switch I don't think the switch has that capability.
    I'm moving to HS because of the cross platform support for wireless, X10 and Z-Wave. However the scene capability is very powerful within the SwitchLincs.
    Can HS track the scene or even program the scene in an individual switch?
    I can do this manually or use HCA as a scene database program, but that seems redundant with the power apparantly bult into HS.
    Any insight would be appreciated.
    My ZWave modules arrive tomarrow.


    Not a dumb question at all.

    I believe the short answer is no. I too have tons of switchlincs installed. I use HS to create the scenes. It's a lot easier than using the switchlinc scene capabilites and you also have records of what you did so future modifications are a lot easier.
    Martin Custer


      Thanks Martin
      I can certainly see your point on having the log. I'm not sure what scene is in the Switchlinc unless I'm very careful about documentation using a simple spreadsheet. That is a disadvantage to using the Switchlinc storage functionality.
      When you say you use HS do you mean that you send a series of X10 commands to setup the scene instead of using the single X10 address stored scene capability in the Switchlinc?
      If so I would think that it takes a long time for the scene to change and with collisions is the outcome reliable?

      I appreciate your insight.


        There are a lot of people on this board that are far better at HomeSeer than I am, but, here's how I do it.

        I basically set up an event, let's say P4. P4 has a string of commands in it that set the lights to various settings. I then program a button on my keypad to P4 on. HomeSeer sees it and executes the commands.

        The one disadvantage is the popcorn effect from sending sequential commands but it's OK. If you want them to all act at the same time you could do it with Lightolier Compose switches and the Compose plug-in.
        Martin Custer