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Problem with comfort plugin

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  • Problem with comfort plugin

    I downloaded homeseer 1.7 earlier today for evaluation purposes. My current, rather sparten, HA setup consists of:
    Comfort with UCM
    Three Slimp3's
    A PC running a dozen xAP services and applications.

    Now, I'm quite happy with the intergration of the xAP components and the slimserver software, but I'm finding the need/desire for a bit of intellegence behind the xAP bits.
    I've started off by installing Patrick Lidstones/Paul Gordons Comfort plugin. On homseer starting up it gives an error "Initializing I/O interfaces: Comfort->Address family is not supported". What's wrong here?

    Is anyone working on a xAP plugin to receive and send xAP messages?

    Thanks in advance


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    Re Comfort.

    Did you just install the OCX only in the Homeseer root directly or also the supplied Dll's? (which are NOT necessary in XP)

    Did you configure the plugin under view,options interfaces and select the plugin?

    Is the Comfort connected via a UCM to your Homeseer PC or via remote serial.

    If local, did you set the com port and pin number?

    Does Configurator work on the same PC?

    If you tried the plugin when configurator was also running then Homeseer cannot access the com port.

    Just some points to check.

    Works fine here on Win XP & HS V1.7


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      I used the installer, so the ocx and dll's should be right. I'll uninstall everything this afternoon and try it manually.

      Yes, plugin was configured. All looks fine.

      The UCM is connected to a MSS100 via a virtual serial port. Both ACE-Comfort and comfigurator can connect to the UCM ok. Obviously not at the same time :-) Neither are running at the same time as HS.

      I'm on XP and HS v1.7, so it looks like I'm doing something wrong.

      SWMBO likes the cameras on your website. She now wants some in the garden birdboxes!



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        Ok, the manual install seems to have fixed the initialising issue.
        Now why doesn't isn't the output status showing up? It's listed correctly in the log.

        Anyway, first impressions of homeseer:-thumbs up :-)


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          Great...I assume you set Login to 1 to activate the plugin with Comfort?

          Nice to see you on my site - you seem to like looking at the cameras


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            Yeah, I was watching a cat in your neighbours garden the other week. Fantastic.


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              I've sussed out the status problem. Had them set to output only instead of variable.