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    I am a novice software guy, but strong on the hardware. Whats the best way to learn vb script and or the other programs functions. What would I want to have. For instance is there an emulator or anything to use abd learn. Thank You for any reply.

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    I would suggest browsing the Homeseer Script Library that is located on this message board and find something for which you have an interest or background and then look at the script to see how it was done. That is how I started. It was the movies script in my case.

    Microsoft also has a good reference for vb scripting, but I suspect that it will be easier to learn by example and then when you know a little it will be easier to understand the microsoft information.

    You will also find that questions on scripting are very quickly answered on this board. Especially those that come from novices since they usually are easy to answer.


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      This links have been posted before, but try this as a beginner reference:

      or as a general reference once you're more savvy:


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        Thanks everyone. I think the w3schools is the place to start.


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          Zteve if you require real time help with one of your scripts visit the HomeSeer IRC chat room. at


          I am new to scripting myself but have been able to help a few people while teaching myself.