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Random lights cycling ? Low-light-level trigger ?

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    Random lights cycling ? Low-light-level trigger ?

    Greetings All !

    I was wondering if there's some sort of script out there that I could assign some lights to... so as to have the lights randomly switch on-and-off throughout the night, while we're away, or when we're on vacation ?

    Also, I'd like to rig something up where... if it gets dark outside during the daytime (storm), then certain lights will click on. What hardware would I need to do this? And, since I'm talking lower light and not necessarily night-time, I guess I'm wondering if it would be possible... since I'm thinking that the type of sensor used in night-lights would only trigger under conditions DARKER than what I'm talking about ??

    Thanks !

    For the low light activation this device offers a photocell. It can turn on a virtual device that can them be used to activate any events in HS.

    As far as the lights goes. HomeSeer offers a security setting that can be applied to cert ian devices. This randomizes their on off time. You can get more info in the help file. What I did was create a slew of events that turn on lights in the house at various times at night. Sort of a walk through type scenario. I then set up an script that would enable/disable all of the "vacation" lights based on another device that is named vacation. If vacation goes to on then run the enable section of the script. When vacation goes to off run the disable section of the script.
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      Just to be sure I understand, I would need to buy an X10 compatible photocell ? (All of the hardware I have so far is X10.)



        Sorry it appears I forgot to post the link to the device.

        This device can simply turn on say A1 when it gets dark. Then in HS you can set up an event that triggers when an A1 on is received. This event can in turn do all kinds of this like turn on selected lights around the house when it gets dark outside.
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          Cool! Perfect!

          Inexpensive too!

          Thanks VERY much !


            Random security lighting

            Concerning the security feature that will turn lights on/off randomly.

            How will this work with Condition based on time of Sunset to Midnight or do I have to use a specific time ?


            Checking Security Mode from the Tools menu may enable security mode. You can mark events as participating in security mode by checking the checkbox Security in the event properties. When security mode is enabled, the event trigger time is randomly set to plus or minus 30 minutes (settable) from the actual set time. This can give your home a lived in look.

            Note that only the following trigger types support the security mode:
            • <LI class=kadov-p-CNormal style="COLOR: #000000">Absolute time trigger

              <LI class=kadov-p-CNormal style="COLOR: #000000">Sunrise/Sunset with offset trigger

              <LI class=kadov-p-CNormal style="COLOR: #000000">Absolute time using the conditions
            • Conditions based on time
            Note that the current time offset for the event is displayed next to the event trigger in your event list. If the offset was randomly set to +20 minutes, the event trigger will be followed by:

            (Sec: 20)

            The offset time can be set from the General tab in the Option


              DR4296, this may help you.... it does work, i use it NOT my work,

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