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Get light level from mobotix camera

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    Get light level from mobotix camera

    So the guy from pointed it out to me and with a bit of noising around and some emails further i've come up with a simple way to get the reading of your mobotix camera to have a "on/off" for when its dark/light.

    Works pretty well so far, more accurate and faster then a hsm100 for instance

    Hello Erik,

    I'm very late to the party, but i've only just begun to explore using mobotix cameras for home automation use!

    I tried opening your website but it doesn't work. Have you moved it elsewhere? Cheers
    HW: HS3 w/ Win8.1 on ASRock C2550d4i. Digi AnywhereUSB, Hubport, Edgeport, UZB, Z-trollers, PLCBUS, SONOS, GC-100, iTach IP2SL, WF2IR, IP2IR, RFXtrx433, Harmony Hubs, Hue, Ademco Vista 128BP, NetAtmo, NetAtmo Welcome

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