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Monitor Ref and Freezer temps

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    Monitor Ref and Freezer temps

    I am looking for the best overall solution to measure and monitor the temps in my refrigerator and freezer as well as other areas and get these numbers into homeseer or my elkm1 system.

    I have no problem running wire or if their is a wireless system that is avab..


    I use Oregon Scientific wireless + RFXcom

    I use the Oregon Scientific wireless sensors, which are designed to interface with their weather stations. I purchased a RFXCom receiver, and the plug-in. The freezer has a probe that feeds through with the water line into the freezer compartment. The refrigerator, I'm ashamed to say, I just laid the Oregon Scientific wireless sensor in the back of the one of the shelves, for a test, and it worked, so I left it!

    I have several around the house, outside on the patio, in bathrooms, computer room, attic, garage, etc.

    There are a few problems as the number of units grows, as they will try to transmit at the same time and the receiver will not hear them until they drift away from each other's transmit time. Changing more than one battery at a time is a pain, as it's hard to tell which one's which, but you can manage that with some organization.

    I have used 1Wire sensors, some telephone wire, and a DS-9790 interface on a serial port for a time, but the OS wireless ones don't have the bare chip sensor exposed.

    Hope this help...