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What Do I Buy To Reliably Control HomeSeer Via An Infrared (IR) Remote

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    Originally posted by jeanv View Post
    • Does the USB-UIRT reliably decode IR commands sent to it and then trigger HomeSeer events?
    • What plug-in do you use to work with the USB-UIRT for receiving and decoding the IR commands?
    I've been using for a year. Whenever I pause/stop a movie or turn off TV, it raises living room lights. When I press play, it dims them again. Also have a number of events to control lighting programmed into my Logitech Harmony (IR model). (Lights 30%, 70%, Off. bathroom break, Cocktail break, etc.) Can't beat it for $50 and it's very cool to do the above kind of stuff

    I just took an old toshiba dvd remote, learn't a dozen or so buttons and used it's ir codes as the triggers. You can paste in Maestro codes (that you can find all over internet too)

    The ONE big downside is that the Harmony must be in an activity to be able to use the buttons. I wish some of the buttons functioned when no activity was active.

    Dell Zino HD - HSPRo 2.x
    HSTouch - iPhone 3GS, 4S, iPad2 and iPad 3, 3xKindle Fire (Wall mounted)
    2 x Brultech ECM1240 with UltraECM
    Cooper Aspire Z-Wave Switches
    WGL800 w ACRF2 and 3xDS10a (Sump Level/Activity sensing)
    HM ST812-2 Flood Sensor
    HSM100 - Motion Detector with Light and Temperature
    2GIG Thermostat
    BLDSC - Alarm Plug-in
    UltraLog (SQL2008)
    Jon00 Plugins
    Host XR3 BT and Jon00 BT Proximity
    Global Cache IP2IR
    Foscam FI8918W


      I know I have seen it somewhere, but can you use the USB-UIRT and Global Cache plugins at the same time?