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Homeseer webpage for Foscam (and clones) netcam control

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    Homeseer webpage for Foscam (and clones) netcam control

    As I was not very happy with the behavior of the ActiveX portion of my control program for my netcam, I found a set of Javascript CGI commands and created a Homeseer webpage with these and many more commands that may be of use to others Just edit username, password, IP address and port. If you use a guest account, you won't have permission for all of the functions and will be presented with a logon screen for the admin level commands.

    There is a Results area included that indicates the appropriate feedback after each command.

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    Very nice.



      a few other details...

      Fantastic find an post!!!

      For those that need the extra steps need to make this work:
      1. Download and extract the netcam_control.asp file and place in the html sub-folder off of your main homeseer folder.
      2. Edit the .asp file with notepad to change the username, password, URL and port for your camera.
      3. In homeseer you can go into setup to add a custom link on the administration website for this camera app. On the Setup tab, go to Web Site, add a Custom Web Page title, for the url specify netcam_control.asp.


        Thanks Martin,

        For some reason I thought I had included a Readme file with the instructions, but that was for the Wakeup Alarm script package I released in the HSTouch section instead.

        I really like this webpage and the camera doesn't reboot after changing the settings like the webserver controls do. Also Ken, the original author,states the the I/O control actually turns his IR on / off on his Foscam, but I changed the label to match the CGI manual. I think my Tenvis clone actually controls the IR automatically, which might be why they removed the manual control.



          I will try it!
          Can we know if a motion movement is detected with it?

          (to lauch events ...)