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    Which Plug-in is best?

    I just upgraded from HS 2.2 to 2.5 and wiped out everything (see other thread..) But that is a moot issue for this thread...

    My question here is how to I re-install DSC 1832 support. I have the 5401 and was using Cactus Bob's DSC plug-in for many years. Now I see it isn't supported anymore and there are two others -- HomeSeer's and BLade DSC....

    Since I haven't explored the options for 4 years, any "reviews" would be greatly appreciated on my three options:
    • Hack Cactus Bob's back in
    • Use HomeSeer's
    • Use Blade's....



    I can't speak to cactus Bob's as I've never used it and it's a moot point anyway since it seems to have reached end of life. I have used both HomeSeer's DSC plug-in and Blades. I found Blades excellent, trouble free and well supported. I did not find that with HomeSeers. In all fairness the HomeSeer plug-in was finally updated since I used it and may be fine now.

    Both have a 30 day trial so it's easy enough to try them both and use the one that works best for you.
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      I have not used Blade's DSC plugin, but he does write some great software.

      I started with HS' own plugin as it comes free with my PRO. I'm using the later version that nightwalker is referring to and it certainly performs well for me and has all the functionality I have had a need for. One or two quirks, but then you almost come to expect that with home automation ...

      I agree with nightwalker, why not try both under the trial license and then make up your mind.
      Nicolai L