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Insteon Interface Unregistered? HSPro2.5.049

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    Insteon Interface Unregistered? HSPro2.5.049

    Hi Mark and everyone else - I recently had to restart HSPro. I do not have to restart it very often. Whatching the log scroll by at startup I saw that the Insteon interface could not start with a message that it is unregistered or the trial period is up.

    Sure enough, on the interfaces screen it shows the Insteon interface as enabled for X10 and Insteon, status = OK, and Unregistered. The version of the PLM plugin is 1.6.0. I thought this interface came pre-registered with HSPro. I have looked through the forum and I have not found out how to register the Insteon interface.

    I clicked the online regisration button and it took me to homeseer's Insteon product page. I did not see a controller registration option. Could someone help me get the item registered?

    Maybe I should look harder

    Hi Mark - I found the link in the software section of the store and purchased the plug-in registration. Mystery Solved