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Homeseer Include Button and Group 2 Associations

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    Homeseer Include Button and Group 2 Associations

    I have several lights controlled by motion sensors in my main living area and, while they work the majority of the time, there are times when we want to temporarily override the event which turns OFF the light if no motion (in case we're sitting still reading a book, etc.)

    I've never come up with a good way of doing this but had a thought though have no idea how/IF it would work.

    I notice that Homeseer has an include button to include itself as a node. Is there a way to associate Homeseer to a group 2 association on one of my switches so that if I double tap ON it'll turn the Homeseer device on and if I double tap OFF it'll turn the Homeseer device off?

    This would allow me to program an event that overrides the motion off event if Homeseer = ON.

    Any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated!


    I don't know about the double presses, but you can disable events through script commands. I do this with my front porch light.

    Normally, I have my front porch lights at 70% during the evening, and they pop up to 100% for a few minutes if there's motion on the front porch. At midnight, they turn off, but again they come on full with motion on the porch.

    Sometimes if I hear a noise outside (say after midnight when the front porch is off), I might want to walk out on the front porch to check things out, but I don't want the porch light to come on. When I press the 'off' button for the front porch after midnight, it runs an event via immediate script commands to disable my "front porch motion" event for 5 minutes. So:

    Trigger: Received X10 (front porch off) with conditions (any time before sunrise)
    1) run immediate script: &hs.DisableEvent "Front Porch Motion - Late Night"
    2) wait: 5 minutes
    3) run immediate script: &hs.EnableEvent "Front Porch Motion - Late Night"

    This works great for me. You could probably tailor something like this to your situation.


      Caduceus, thanks for the input. Are you running Zwave or Insteon/UPB? The reason I ask is that with Zwave it won't send another "off" if the device is already off unlike the power line protocols.

      If it did, then your solution would be just about perfect.

      There has to be an easy way to do this!



        Manxam, sorry, I'm still in the stone age with X10 switches. I use a palmpad to activate my event (or from HSTouch on the PC/iPad/iPhone). What if you had the switches dimmed to 1%? Would that work? Otherwise, you'll probably have to find another input/remote or get fancy with more complex events/scripting. If you have a wireless receiver like the W800, it would be simple to do with a palmpad or keychain remote.

        I'm sure someone's done something with consecutive inputs before, but I've never messed with it.