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What is the Single Coolest Thing You Do with HomeSeer?

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    Originally posted by TeleFragger View Post

    Just got a washer and dryer ... LG WIFI... and they are in ThinQ app and it is pretty cool. Also Google Home has them.. so I can say.. hey Google, what is the status of the dryer and it will say... The dryer is running and has 15 minutes left.... need to see if I can integrate into HS...
    Jeff - maybe this would work?
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      Originally posted by macromark View Post
      saw that...

      Looking it over.. I can do all that plugin does now with just google. If I ever get to the point of wanting those color changing devices or voice announcements..then I see a need. I have a feeling I will, but later..
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        HSTouch has been the 'coolest' hit in my house - I'm up to 4 tablets now: weather forecast, TV channel changing, basic lighting control, etc.

        Before HSTouch, motion detection coupled with lighting control was big. | bluestacks 3 | hdmoviearea