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    Backups Backups Backups.

    I made backups on a separate hard drive and copied my homeseer directory and all its subdirectories so I would have a backup if needed.

    What I didnt realize is that I had a mysql database that contained alot of data through the years.

    My hard drive got an error 106 on boot which basically means it is dead. Not to worry, I have backups. But I didnt get the sql database data or the table structures I have been using through the years.

    So, make good backups, and do the operating system too. This is going to take me a few weeks to rebuild even though I have all my scripts.

    Lesson learned. . . .
    A computer's attention span is as long
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    You could also store that SQL database in the HomeSeer directory structure.


      Well, after looking further, I found that I was doing a data dump from mysql as part of the backup so I am not quite as bad off as I thought. Now if I can find an older acronis backup from before, I should be in better shape. I have other backups, but I guess I failed to make one of the Homeseer computer. So, at least I didnt lose hundreds of hours of scripts and settings.
      A computer's attention span is as long
      as it's powercord.


        I learnt my lesson recently in regards to backups, admittedly I have a non-existent backup system, and of course the system crashed. Since then i have conducted both system image of the entire system for my local network, which gets done once every fortnight / month, and then a daily and weekly backup of my homeseer directory, which contains all the useful information.

        The daily backup just does a backup of the Homeseer database, and config file, using BLBackup, then copies the zip file into a Dropbox directory in the early AM, this gets Sync'd online. Then in the early Sunday AM the system does a full backup of the entire Homeseer Program Files directory, and copies it the same way, i think it is set to keep about 8 copies of the daily backup, and 2 copies of the weekly backup, which gets me to about 75% of my dropbox allowance.

        Depending on the size of your Databases, putting the files in homeseer and using some form of automated backup might be the way, then have it copied to another NAS on your network, a USB drive, or online somewhere.

        We are waiting over here (in Australia) for better internet connectivity, if that (ever) happens, i might even consider doing an FTP backup or something similar to my Parents house, keep a NAS over there, and one at my place, and their backups can come to me, and mine to theirs and it just works without major worries (well hopefully).

        Totally agree though, Backups, Backups, Backups.
        You can never have too many backups, but can easily not have enough!
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          It looks like I may not have lost any of the important stuff. But it will take me a while to get everything back to where it was before.

          On another note, I see that on the Western Digital website, there is a free version of Acronis backup software.

          I bought a previous version, and it asked me if I wanted to update my software. When I said yes, it put the new one on that expired and wanted a credit card to upgrade. I was mad and deleted the old copies since it would not run anymore. Now I find this free version. I wish I had known about this months ago. . .
          A computer's attention span is as long
          as it's powercord.


            I believe this free version is bundled with Western Digital External Hard drives. I'm pretty sure that it only runs if you have a WD drive attached to your computer. It will install on any computer. But when you run it, it checks for a WD drive. If it does not find one, it quits.

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              Thats ok though because I have at least one WD drive in each of my computers.
              A computer's attention span is as long
              as it's powercord.


                Do you have to pause or shutd own homeseer during backup?, How would you backing up while sql db is running?


                  People claim it's OK. BUT it is an ACCESS database, and I only back up my homneseer when it is shut down.
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                    I do two different types of backups. But the best is to test the backup yourself; IE: do a DR on it and see if it works. IE: Leave HS running and just do a directory backup; shut down HS and restore the directory and see if it works. Then do a HS directory backup with HS not running and try the same. Depending on how the directory is being backed up when HS is running will show you how it works and if it works. The scernario gets a bit more complex with multiple DB's running.

                    After the directory backup DR thing try an image backup of the entire partition with HS running then with HS not running. Try a recovery from it and see if it works. My HS partition is 20GB and takes only a few minutes to run and to copy over to the NAS via Gb.
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                      I do a sql dump once a day or so, and then I copy it with my backup that is kicked off from homeseer. I use rotating_backups from Justin Earl (Around 2002 I think). I had to modify it for my use, but it works. Then for SQl, I think I just setup a backup job that runs and does a dump file from MySql. It worked when I did a restore recently when my hard drive crashed.
                      I am going to post what I have. Looks like it does the MySql dump too. I changed the username and password for the MySql, so you will have to use yours.

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                      A computer's attention span is as long
                      as it's powercord.


                        I just had to shutdown my Win7 Pro HS for a new outlet install and on bootup the drive was making a noise and failed to boot. Restarts always fine...

                        So I replaced the drive with a spare and re-imaged from the original drive (got started with a few taps) and Acronis TI 2011. Saved me a ton of work...

                        ~ copy of Acronis TI 2012
                        ~ spare drive with Win7 on it or any OS, loaded with Acronis TI
                        ~external SATA to USB enclosure like BYTECC

                        - sometimes you can mirror back your bad drive or at least be able to read files from it with enclosure. Worked for me many times...