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Can Homeseer event control HSTouch action?

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    Can Homeseer event control HSTouch action?

    Pretty simple question (I hope.)

    I would like a Homeseer event to hide a button in HSTouch. Is it possible? Is it easy?

    I am at a slight disadvantage in that I don't know VBasic.



    Look in the HSTouch help files for the section 'Controlling HSTouch Clients from HomeSeer'. The only methods publicly exposed (I would not be surprised if there are some undocumented methods) to control HSTouch from HS are;

    *Send Message to All Clients (Broadcast)
    Sends a text message to all clients. The client will display a message box that displays the message. The message can be formatted using HTML.

    * Send Message to Specific Client
    Sends a text message to a specific client. The message may be formatted the same as the broadcast message.

    * Display a Screen by Itself
    Forces the client (or all clients) to display a specific screen. Enter the screen name that you want to display.

    * Display a Screen on Top of another Screen
    Forces the client (or all clients) to display a screen on top of an existing screen. Enter the screen name that you want to display.

    * Set URL property of an Element
    Use to force an element to display a different URL. The Element is immediately updated.

    * Simulate the Press of an Element
    Causes and element to be pressed, its pressed display state is displayed and any actions associated with the element are executed. Note that the element will stay in the pressed state until a released action is sent to it. To execute an action that is not available in the HomeSeer HSTouch actions list, create a button on one of your screens and make the background transparent and clear the text property. Add the desired action to the button. The button action can be triggered from HomeSeer using this action and it won't be visible to the user. These "invisible" buttons can be placed on a screen that is not accessible.

    * Simulate the Release of an Element
    Same as the Press action but forces the release actions of the element to be executed.
    The option of interest to you is simulating the press of an element, as detailed above you can use a hidden element to then further control actions not available in the above actions list. You do not need to know any scripting with that method.