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Yale lock node added - but cannot control

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    Yale lock node added - but cannot control

    I have just purchased the Yale touch-screen z-wave lock, and a Aeon Labs S2 Z-Stick.
    I used the HomeSeer software to 'associate' the lock, and it showed up 4 devices

    1. Root Node
    2. Battery
    3. Alarm
    4. Lock

    The "lock" and "alarm" have 'on/off' buttons in the status window - but when I click any of them, nothing happens. I would have expected that when I clicked the "on" or "off" buttons for the "Lock" device, it would have caused the door-lock to either lock or unlock.
    Whats the story?

    Also, when I go in the properties of the "Root Node" it gives me options for configuring user codes, when I click it though, it comes back straight away with an error "unable to get number of codes".

    Anybody who has experience with this device, what can I expect, and what should/shoudnt I be doing?

    Thanks in advance

    Figured it out.
    I did a factory reset on the lock and everything works now.

    For anyone experiencing the same problems, here are some tips.

    1. Do NOT use the z-stick 'button' to associate the door lock, you must use the HomeSeer "Add Node" menu item while the z-stick is inserted via USB.
    2. Do NOT set up the door lock without the z-wave module installed. If you do, reset the lock with it installed and start over.
    2. Do NOT set up any user codes through the door lock keypad. Use the Homeseer software only.