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Yale door lock functionality

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    Yale door lock functionality

    *EDITED* fixed some HORRIBLE errors! Cant believe I was so lazy...

    So, I've got this new Yale z-wave door lock.

    I have two questions.

    1. When adding it to HomeSeer, it creates 4 devices, one of which is an "Alarm". Can anybody tell me what this is for?

    2. I want HomeSeer to run an event when the door is unlocked at the device (via the keypad). So, this will only be useful if it occurs within a few minutes of the action. But in HomeSeer I cannot set the polling to LESS than 3600s (for battery reasons apparently). If I set it to less, it just forces it to 3600. How do I achieve what I want? I get the feeling that it is HomeSeer enforcing this limitation, not the Yale Lock.
    I'm not concerned if the battery life drops to 6 months...

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    The Yale lock may provide different codes than the Schlage but, generally you'll see the last unlock code used at the lock in this device. IE: "Code Entered: 1". You may at other times see messages like "Disabled due to tampering" if someone attempts repeatedly to enter an incorrect code. Somewhere, probably within the Homeseer SDK, there is a complete list.
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