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Z-Wave Primary vs Secondary Controller

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  • reidfo
    You can do this, but instead of primary/secondary controllers you would have two separate Z-Wave networks. Several of the folks on here run two Z-Trollers independently, and there's no reason you couldn't use both Australian and US frequencies. Since HomeSeer is controlling the devices you don't really need to worry about having the commands repeated on both networks.

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  • travisdh
    started a topic Z-Wave Primary vs Secondary Controller

    Z-Wave Primary vs Secondary Controller

    I currently run HSPRO, and am thinking about upgrading bit by bit towards Z-Wave systems. I am curious about the Primary and Secondary controllers in HSPRO through.

    Is it possible to run the Primary controller as an Australian frequency Z-Wave stick, and the secondary controller as a USA frequency Z-Troller. Ignoring frequency restrictions and just looking at if it is possible etc.

    If so, how does this actually work, and how does the system know to send signal A through the secondary controller, but not primary controller or vice versa. Or do all signals get sent through both automatically.

    In my case, I am not interested in electrical devices since they would be controlled through the Australian system, but wondering if things like Z-Wave door locks, and motion sensors could be used through the secondary controller.