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Execute an URL Command with homeseer

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    Execute an URL Command with homeseer

    I want to control my mediacenter software plex with homeseer.
    it has an built-in web-interface and you can send the command "up"
    by writing

    whats to do for sending this command via pressing a button in homesser?

    I would like to do without a extern script, because there are more commands I have to send, like play, pause, up, down...

    It seems that noone knows or uses plex in combination with homeseer. Thats why I do not found anything to make it work.

    You will have to use a scripting command, whether you do it as a single line script or a larger script is a matter for yourself - just keep in mind if you have 10 events with 10 single line script commands in then what happens if your IP address changes? It is going to be a time consuming process to change all of those values, that is why it is better sometimes to use a script and have one variable to hold things like IP addresses.

    Take a look in the help file for hs.URLAction or hs.getURL, you should be able to get it working with a command like this.


    There is nothing stopping you building a bigger script with play/pause/stop commands in and then passing a parameter to this script to say what you want.


      thank you very very very much
      works perfectly and is exactly what i needed