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Use HS to serve Cumulus web pages?

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    Use HS to serve Cumulus web pages?


    Just getting Cumulus up and running. Thanks to Pete for fielding some questions offline!

    I realized that it would be possible for the web pages that are created by Cumulus dynamically to be served by the HS web server. The web files would need to be copied from Cumulus to the web folder for HS (that is, unless HS can serve pages in folder in the C:\Cumulus directory, which I believe is not possible). I think this could be done using Cumulus' local file copying (in the Files tab of the Internet setup), OR a script could be written in HS that would copy the files over.

    Question is: has anyone done this? If so (or not), how could this be done? Is it as simple as copying the files as I mentioned above (and the static files noted in the Cumulus help file) and then navigating the URL in the browser?

    BTW, I realize the plug-in obviates the need for this, but there are some cool realtime controls in flash / silverlight that can update in realtime.



    I can't see a reason why it would not work but you are likely to end up needing to copy it via a script as I tested it (never knew the option existed to be honest) and Cumulus only copies the chart images across, not the flash/html pages - that is unless I am missing whether there is an option to this. The HS server seems to be happy with flash when I copied the CumulusRealtime.swf file across - although it is expecting the realtime.txt file to read from.

    And yes, you could write yourself a HTML page and navigate that via the HS server.


      have a looksee at mine

      I think guest access is on....


        Thanks speedy! How do you get the files to a place where HS can serve them? Via cumulus local copying (files tab) or a script in HS, or some other way?



          I have set up three folders under the homeseer html folder: -

          C:Program Files\HomeSeer 2\html\cumulus


          C:Program Files\HomeSeer 2\html\cumulus\images


          C:Program Files\HomeSeer 2\html\cumulus\dbimages (think this one was just for the cumulus script plugin mind)

          Anyway I then get Cumulus to copy it's files over (see the attached picture - "copy settings.jpg" below, note I rename the files to .asp)

          Once you get to this point the html/cumulus directory under homeseer should look like the attached picture "HS Cumulus.jpg" below.
          Note you may also need to copy the javascript files (.js) over too.

          Next I edited the Cumulus web template files to make they fit my HS look and feel better (I've attached mine - see "cumulus web"), Also it's a good idea to make a backup of your original template files too.

          Then I simply edited my HS web menu to call the links to the .asp files in the C:Program Files\HomeSeer 2\html\cumulus folder.

          Hope that makes sense...
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            Dude! You the man! (or woman... I don't know with a name like speedy).

            I will give it a go and let you know how it works out! I am travelling, so it may take me a couple of days.