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Insteon in a zwave house

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    Insteon in a zwave house

    Im sure it's been asked but I couldn't find it...

    Are there any radio issues when adding insteon to a setup that has zwave all over the place?

    I'm asking only because of fanlinc. That module would be perfect in a few places for me.

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    The two protocols play well together in my experience.


      Agree with Rupp. They are two different frequencies, with certain "dual band" Insteon devices having both RF and powerline communications. And like z-wave, you will need devices in certain strategic places to build a mesh network. The Insteon devices that are dual band can bridge RF into the powerline and back. Once you have both legs of your powerline "lit up", you should be able at integrate new Insteon devices anywhere in the house. Note that some Insteon devices are powerline only, some are dual band, and some are RF only. This needs be considered when building a network. The FanLinc us dual, IIRC.