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Hawking Home Remote Automation Gateway

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    Hawking Home Remote Automation Gateway

    I have a Trickelstar USB Z-Wave controller. It was worked reasonable well for the past year or so, but I think it has died. I have tried to reconnect it, to optimize it, etc. It does not consistently talk to the various devices I have around my home.

    I think my z-wave controller needs to be located closer to the devices in my home. I would like to take advantage of the either the Ethernet (or the Wi-Fi) in my home.

    Does anyone have experience with the Hawking Home Remote Automation Gateway. It serves Z-Wave devices and is designed to be connected to an Ethernet gateway (for access to the internet).

    Has anyone made this work as a Ethernet Z-Wave controller?

    Todd Williams

    The Z-Troller and one of the Global Cache IP2SL-P Ethernet to Serial devices makes a good combination.