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Everspring Doorbell and pushbutton(UTSE03A)

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    Everspring Doorbell and pushbutton(UTSE03A)


    Has anybody bought the everspring doorbell and pushbutton?

    I've just received it today. On it's own it works pretty good. It uses z-wave beaming to get the pushbutton signal to the bell as far as i can see. Also a pretty neat feature is that it has an USB connection which you can use to upload wav files for custom tones. Speaker could be a bit better. At 54 euro it wasn't very expensive either.

    Now on to connecting it to homeseer:

    The doorbell acts as a switch with multiple devices nodes which report battery status, doorbell play status, and an binary switch to activate to doorbell. The awake time is 10 minutes after activating the z-wave button on the back. This doorbell part works flawless in homeseer. When turning the binary switch the doorbell starts ringing.

    The pushbutton can be used as primary or secondary controller. When i use it as secondary controller it has an awake time of about 20 seconds after activating the z-wave button on the back. However homeseer is unable to scan the device. I've tried importing, and full rescanning but i'm unable to detect the device with homeseer. I took notice that the device was in a flashing led waiting state while i did the rescan/importing.

    Does anybody else got the pushbutton working? I really hope i can get it to work because the pushbutton is the most important part for me. Now i'm unable to setup the pushbutton to bell association which makes it impossible to use in homeseer. For now i have to run it in a stand alone mode in a separate z-wave network from the rest of my nodes.

    I have recently purchased the same - and get exactly the issue you describe.

    When I add the push button as a secondary controller to Homeseer (Aeon Labs Z-Stick) it appears to add a node, but a device never shows up in Homeseer - perhaps it does not stay awake long enough, or like so many other z-wave devices in the UK is incompatible in some obscure way.

    I've actually been looking for an alternative push button and then linking the chime with a Homeseer event instead.

    Would be interested if anyone else has got this to work yet.


      Thanks for your reply Paul,

      I did some more testing today. After pairing the nodes to the network the push button acts as an secondary controller.

      In this mode you can hold the I/R button to awake the unit.
      After holding the I/R button on the back for about 10 seconds the light starts blinking for about 20 seconds. In that time my Merten RF Connect software is able to communicate with this unit. Sadly i'm unable to assign associations because the merten software is very limited. But i'm able to update the routing table etc.

      When i try and import or rescan in HS it just skips the node even when i'm sure it's in an awake state.
      Looks like we need some support As the other everspring sensors where added to HS, i'm hoping this won't be to difficult either.



        Any luck w/ this one yet? I just received one.
        Best regards, L.


          Nope nothing yet. Let's hope homeseer will support this device soon


            Everspring Doorbell

            I've just bought one of these doorbells and I'm having the same issues. I can't see anything on the board.

            Guess this is still not recognised by HS?
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              I will get one as soon it is supported in HS


                Everspring Doorbell

                I'm not sure you ask for a device to be supported - any chance of the doorbell being included in HS3 if it can't be done in HS2?


                  Waiting sucks.

                  Vera and fibaro support this doorbell without any problems. Homeseer seems to get old and unsupported. Their whole zwave stack is a mess.

                  I guess its time to permanently switch to another system...
                  Wish homeseer support was better, i still love the way it works. But the bad support and stubornness of the homeseer team is making me want to switch.

                  We as EU users sadly do not get much love. And thats bad because i have allot of client installations aswell for my customers. They are going to switch aswell..


                    Still Interested

                    I don't know if anyone from HS would like to comment. I do like the flexibility of HS but, apart from the doorbell there do seem to be quite a few unsupported products out there that I wouldn't mind trying.

                    How HS3 copes with new Z-wave products is likley to be a key factor in whether people upgrade or not....


                      Also interested and waiting

                      Got myself this doorbell only to find out there is no way to add it to homeseer. Very disappointed. Hope HS3 will have support.


                        I got the chime added, but not the push button. So i can trigger det chime from HS, but its a 3 sec delay unfortunatly.
                        I did this a while a go so i dont remember if i had to do something special or if it was just as described in the manual.


                          So i've came back to check if there was any progress.

                          Homeseer dev's are slowwwww... Not even an reply about unsupported standards


                            Originally posted by bartdesign View Post
                            So i've came back to check if there was any progress.

                            Homeseer dev's are slowwwww... Not even an reply about unsupported standards
                            HomeSeer devs do not visit this board very often. Your best bet is to join the paid subscription forum if you need/want the devs to see your posts.


                              Here is some new information about this interesting product:

                              Probably most important part (for test in HomeSeer) is this info (about manual association between button and chime):
                              1 - Inclusion chime by pressing 3 times (IER)
                              2 - Inclusion of the doorbell by pressing once (IR) for 10 seconds (leaving supported)
                              3 - Both devices are created in the box.
                              4 - Now you need to bind the doorbell chime in
                              5 - Press the (IR) button (in) 10 seconds. Doorbell (push) button flashes
                              5 - Press 3 times (IR) button. Doorbell (push) button flashes
                              6 - Press 3 times (IER) button on the chime (both buttons will stop flashing)