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Do rain8net controllers work?

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  • reidfo
    I'm one of those who wrote in with problems, so take that for what it's worth. Some people swear by the Rain8, some like me had nothing but trouble with them.

    One thing to consider is where you'll locate the controllers. If all can be located relatively close to the HomeSeer PC then any of the available controllers might be okay. An Ethernet controller such as EtherRain or OpenSprinkler has a limitation of 100 meters from the nearest switch. Serial controllers also have their limitations. In either case you'll get better reliability if you can run each zone's solenoid wiring close to the computer and keep the distance short between computer and controller.

    I'm not sure how much cost is a factor for you, but EtherRain is pretty expensive when you start adding more zones. Rain8 is a close second. I found that OpenSprinlker is cheapest when adding multiple units, but it's also the least proven technology.

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  • ChrisO
    started a topic Do rain8net controllers work?

    Do rain8net controllers work?

    Hi all

    I need to buy a controller for a small farm, approx 25 zones and would really like it to be compatible with home seer

    I see there are quite a few posts referring to difficulties with the controller, but to some extent that is the nature of the forum - people write in with problems

    Can anyone comment positively re the controller - if so what did it take to get it all working reliably.

    Are there any other home seer compatible controllers which are well regarded?

    Is the rain8net pro device any better than the regular rain8net?

    Thanks for you advice in advance.