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Controlling 2 lights from 2 wall switches

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    Controlling 2 lights from 2 wall switches

    I'm new to Z-wave and was looking for some advice. I currently have a hard wired, 3-way switched outlet in a room - something like:

    Switch 1 (3way) -> Switch 2 -> outlet 1

    What I want to achieve is to have one light plugged into outlet 1 and another light plugged into another outlet on the other side of the room (outlet 2). I'd like switch 1 and 2 to control the lights in both outlets and support dimming.

    The solution I'm considering is to buy two remote (no load) switches (Evolve LTM-5) and two dimming lamp modules but that's really expensive ($200). Is there any cheaper way to achieve this? Can I use a 3 way switch kit to control the light at outlet 1 and a lamp module at outlet 2 and then link them together?


    Here is some fuel for thought.
    I had a three way set of lights in my hallway. 2 overhead lights and 3 wall switches.
    I found the hot feed, then removed it so I could use a toner and mapped out all the wires in the walls. Drew pictures and then labeled each wire. I ended up with 2 led bulbs and did not use a dimmer. I ended up with a ge wall switch and 2 of the evolve wall controllers. I ended up sending the ac all the way through all of the switches and put the one ge switch at the end of line.


      Thanks for the reply. Perhaps I don't understand what you're describing but I don't see how that applies to my situation. I have one outlet connected to a 3 way switch and one random other outlet that I want to control. Maybe a simpler question would help:

      Can z-wave 3-way switch kit also control another outlet or light in addition to the load that's hard wired to the switch?