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    Still no mention about Squeezebox?

    Sure, Logitech pulled the plug, but we'll see how that turns out in the end.
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      I have my MythTV box (with combo antenna, cable and satellite feeds) configured with a Squeeze box server and it is doing well. I am more into testing the new live PVR / video broadcasts stuff right now though using my back end stuff.

      I also have a combo Tversity / PlayOn TV box running on the network. (that and I have recently decided to not watch live TV, news weather or even look at the internet for news - doing well now over a month of this new endeavor - testing though stuff).

      That said though I tend to keep my media stuff autonomous from my HA stuff except for the hardware control pieces.

      Lately though putting XBMC Frodo on everything and everything is working fine. (those are now all over the house and working well).
      - Pete

      Auto mator
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