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HomeSeer Pro SW and DSC PC1864 Integration

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    HomeSeer Pro SW and DSC PC1864 Integration

    Have an initial question on the integration. My HomeSeer is a custom built PC in a closet on one end of the house. I'm going to install the DSC in the garage in the other end of the house. What are some existing users experience with connecting the IT100 to the HomeSeer system?

    What is the prefered method?

    I've read about two options:
    1. Put the IT100 in the DSC cabinet and run either a serial cable or use a Serial<->Ethernet over to the PC.
    2. Put the IT100 next to the PC and run cat5 cable over to the DSC cabinet.

    I'm wanting to know what other users are doing for this type of connectivity.

    Another question I've got is I have an existing home that i'll be adding wired security devices... Window and door sensors. Does anybody have advice for this? I like wired since there are no batteries to worry about and I've just got way more confidence in wired solutions.

    A third question I have is with regards to triggering the DSC alarm state from HomeSeer. I've got existing HSM100 motion sensors that during Alarm-On-Away state, i'd like the motion sensors to activitate the alarm.

    The last thing I have is with regards to the Virtual Keypad feature... More of a request for comments than a question. I don't plan on adding a DSC alarm keypad. Instead i'll be creating an HSTouch virtual keypad and allow my users (me and my wife) to enable/disable the alarm from our iphones. Has anybody set this up before with the standard HS plugin? I've seen another thread which mentions Bobs plugin to do this.. can both do it?

    I have the same setup. I used db9 to ethernet plugs that I got at my local electronics store, frys. Rs232 can travel over a hundred feet without issue or repeating straigjt through. If tou look in the dsc forum, you will find some more suggestions.

    I madw a virtual keypad for the dsc and posted it in the forum as well. I stongly suggest against this, though. There is a significant delay when you use hs for this. The reason its that you have to create events for each burton to create virtual key presses. Also, I think the new firmware of the panel requires at least one keypad for programming. Lastly, you may have a harder time finding an alarm company to monitor the panel sans keypad.

    To simplify your situation, well more like how I simplified the solutions for my customers, you can create a screen in hstouch that simply has three buttons: arm away, arm stay, disarm. You can use the password protected screen option to secure the page. This makes it very easy and reduces delays big time. You will still need to create an event for each key press you want to virtualize so you can automate the screens on the back end but, the interaction between user and panel will be much better and faster.

    Ymmv so have fun experimenting!
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      I thought i got the correct thread for this... Can you post the link to the DSC forum? Is this a forum on their website?


        There are two DSC plugin forums here.

        HomeSeer official plugin:

        Blade's DSC plugin:

        Lots of good information in those forums.
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          Here is a link to a good thread with lots of external links and information on setting up the DSC panel.

          Billy Draper


            To answer some of your questions: I have my IT100 connected to Global Cache WF2SL and it works great with Blade's BLDSC. You will need to set up a virtual serial port with some free software (e.g., Virtual Serial Port Emulator). For HSTouch, I created events to arm or disarm and linked buttons on an HSTouch screen to these events to run them when the buttons are pressed. It is quite simple to do.


              Thanks guys for the responses. I've just recieved the DSC system in the mail.
              Arrived with box open but all parts accounted for.
              It does come with all that is pictured including the enclosure.

              - PC1864 pc board
              - Steal Cabinet
              - Plastic plug for the cabinet hole (no lock)
              - DSC PC1864 Sticker
              - User Manual
              - PowerSeries v4.6 Addendum paper
              - Wiring Diagram Sticker
              - Installation Guide

              I ordered the Battery and the AC Adapter with it as well.

              I'm just starting out with security systems so I'm hoping the fact that this says 64 zones means i can have 64 wired sensors hooked up. If that is the case I'll be hooking up every door (16) and window (16) in the house to the system so I can track it all. I may even hook up my fridge and such to the system as well... we'll see.

              So far I know I still need the following which some of these I have sources for:
              1. Contact sensors
              a. Resessed Door sensors -
              b. Surface Mount sensors -
              c. Garage Door sensors -
              2. Lots of two-wire Wires for running between sensors and alarm panel.
              3. very long drill bits. My attic is nearly 3 feet above the top of my doors, so i'll likely need a 4 foot drill bit to make it all the way through. I found a very good step-by-step with pictures instructions at http://www.home-security-systems-ans...-switches.html

              When I learn more I'll post more.