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Signallinc is not the best X10

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    Signallinc is not the best X10

    I've had an X10 blocking coupler for years and recently turned its breakers off and added a new signallinc that advertises both insteon and x10 phase coupling.

    The Insteon performance of the signallinc is incredible. However X10 took a hit. It works, but some existing x10 stopped working correctly. I turned the breakers back on for the blocking coupler.

    If you are buying one of these, I would have a plan B for x10.

    I had a similar experience with the one house I'm converting to Insteon. I had Leviton repeater / couplers installed which worked great for the X-10. I replaced them with SignalLincs and the Insteon products are working OK, but the X-10 has really become unreliable.

    I was concerned that the SignalLincs are only passive couplers and not repeaters. With the size of that house, repeaters were definitely more effective than the simple couplers.

    I don't know if this would help or make things worse, but can you have BOTH SignalLincs AND X-10 repeaters installed and on at the same time? Can you have both connected to the same pair of breakers?