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    Originally posted by Uncle Michael View Post
    Is that documented somewhere? I just moved my RCS serial stats to HS, and it sure looked like I needed to enable polling. Do I just uncheck that box or is there more I need to do? I assume that if I want to populate devices with values like set point and temperature I still need to run a recurring event. Is that correct?
    Hum, maybe I'm forgetting as it's been a long time since I've used this plugin but I was nearly sure that the serial stats update instantly when changes are made at the stat. Hopefully someone still using one of these stats can confirm. You can try it as well. Just disable the polling and see if the changes are registered in HS.


      I blanked the poll interval box and clicked on Save Settings. I then made a change in the set point but it did not update in HS, even after a couple of minutes. I then went back to the configuration page, which now had a 0 for the poll interval and replaced it with 60. When I returned to the status page, the set point updated.

      I think I'm going to leave polling enabled for now.
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