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What is the best approach to sending voice commands

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    What is the best approach to sending voice commands

    Hope this is the best place to ask this question - I have not had much luck with speaker clients and having a PC in every room is not cost effective or easy on the electric bill.

    My house construction makes it very very hard to run wires and I can't seem to find a wireless mic that is worth a darn.

    Has anyone worked out a configuration that will allow a wireless connection to HS to send voice commands that will work well, does not require 10 PCs and has a range of about 30m or will work with multiple mics.

    Or is there another way to do this that I'm just missing - I would have been happy using my phones and my way-2-call but (for me) the way-2-call was a train wreck with HS running on windows 7. It now sits in a box....

    Looking for something relatively inexpensive, simple to use and reliable.

    The way2call shouldn't be hard to set up and should be a good choice for this. You may also want to check out a blue tooth mic which may work.


      I had the way-2-call working under XP - spent months trying to get it to work right under 7. Do to big issues with WAF (home phone is not good to mess with) - that ship has sailed....

      Finding a bluetooth mic is easy, the hard part (for me) is getting HS to see the bluetooth signal from the mic

      Just got done trying that with a logitech bluetooth wireless speaker adapter, does not work with mics only phones and computers (as the transmitter).

      Is there an easy way to get a bluetooth mic connected to HS - if so, I would love to understand how.
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