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    Suspending Event

    I posted in the lighting forum but will try here in general, is there anyway to suspend or disable an even from occurring for say 4 or 6 months then have the even start occurring after this time ?? I tired a disable event for a day & month for every year ( Nov/01/Y) but it only disabled the even for one day Nov 01. The next day the event ran again.


    Any help is greatly appreciated ,,,

    I'm not sure I understand exactly what you want to do, but I think I'd try using two events. One to disable the target event, that could run on Nov/1 of every year. The second would enable the event again, that would run on Apr/1 of every year, for example. Is that what you want?
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      You can specify TWO date conditions - one says BEFORE 11/1/Y and the other perhaps says AFTER 3/30/Y, so it would exclude 11/1 through 3/30 of each year.

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        Thanks will give that a try Rick, yes I want to suspend an event on Nov 01 of every year then have the event start occurring again on say Apr 01 of every year.